The Portland Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of  free-spirits seeking new adventures beyond the pale of mainstream society.


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Our events may involve costumes and drinking, we are NOT a pub crawl company. We’re not even a company, although we’ll keep you company. Any events we have involving costumes and drinking are usually ABOUT something else, there’s just some tangent and surface things the public pick up. For every Santacon there are twelve small mindfucks which the masses do not find as easily joined or co-opted. For every massive crowd we create, there are numerous small interactions. We’re not going for WOO HOO, we’re going for “I don’t know what just happened, but you should have seen it!”

Nobody is “in charge”, there are no official “representatives”, we’re a do-ocracy and friends. If you don’t do things, and you’re not friendly, you’re not a Cacophonist. We value contribution, self-expression, self-reliance, and participation. Caco events are experiences, not spectator-based entertainment. Life not only isn’t a spectator sport, it’s not a tour.

We’re not recruiting, we’re welcoming. We’re not here to entertain you, we’re here to help you entertain yourself, or make you think…or maybe just enjoy ourselves and maybe count you as part of the “us” in “ourselves, if that makes sense. Then again, what does?. We may be your guides, your catalysts, your bad/good influences, we could very well be the people your mother warned you about. We’re the people Tyler Durden was based on, but real…sorta. We’re a lot less intense and more huggable. We don’t want to sell you anything, we just want to go on zany adventures with you.

Portland Cacophony Society – making you think and not charging you a dime – since 1996.

You may already be a member…

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disclaimers: The above like-minded groups are listed as a public service. You are responsible for your own fun. If this isn’t a good website, because we’re out doing stuff instead of updating it. We already stare at too many screens.

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