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IKEA Smørgåsbørd



1. We go to IKEA.
2. We purchase cheap plates and silverware.
3. We purchase food from the food store, the kind of food that doesn’t need cooking or fancy preparation. Definitely some herring.
4. We buy meatballs and etc. from the restaurant.
5. We meet at the most comfortable model kitchen/dining room, have a nice meal together, and clean up when we’re through.
6. Swedish garb would not be inappropriate.

When: Sunday, February 24, 3:00 pm.

Where: Meet at the Cascade Station Red Robin, 10005 NE Cascades Pkwy.

Bring: At least $10, including smaller bills. We’ll need to buy assorted foodstuffs, and the money will be split up between teams. If you can’t afford $10, bring what you can.

Wear: This isn’t a costumed event as such. We’ll be bringing amusement and delight to the happy onlookers through our actions. That said, don’t hesitate to dress up… a little.

Do: Be prepared to follow instructions. Everybody will have a specific role assigned to them. At the end, we’ll need to have our actions coordinated down to the last minute. It won’t be difficult or rushed, but cooperation will be essential.

Don’t: be a dick.

Remember: We’re just trying out the furniture to see how it will fit into our lifestyle.

The event will be followed by February’s Cacophony Society meeting, also at Red Robin.

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