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PDX Cacophony vs Oregonian Reporter

It has been enough years now that I think we can write the true happenings behind the Portland Cacophony Society versus the local Oregonian Report that wanted to do a story on us.  It started out well enough.  He wrote the email address posted on our website and we told him to come join us at one of our monthly meetings.  You know, the super secret ones that we post on our website and announce on our mailing list.  Not sure why we had to entice him to come, but we thought it would be funny, and threw him some lines about how swell we are and how we like to do the jitterbug before we drink a glass of milk and go to bed at 9pm after we watch the news.

He apparently showed up (on time) to the meeting and when we were not that promptly, decided to leave.  Many of us showed up an hour (ok, maybe 1.5 hrs) late and then we had lots of laughs talking to the wait staff about the guy that was looking for us.  We also had laughs about the other patrons at the bar and how they were dressed “far more cacophony” than any of us.  Except for perhaps the blue hair of one of the attendees.  Anyway, we ate our food and then did our usual adjoin to the Tikibar down the road for some cheap, and stiffly made, Mai Thais.

We then promptly forgot all about the poor reporter.  For like…a month.

A month later we are all busy texting each other in our super secret splinter cell way (and posting on our mailing list) about the next meeting.  A few of us show up at the meeting and joke how we should make sure the report shows up again.  You know, since we are even there “on time” this time.  A few text messages, bounced through various proxies for complete security, and we have announced that Chuck Palahniuk (a former member) has returned for our meeting.

I am sort of getting tired of typing this story out at this point, so I will leave you with the poor reporters version of things.

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