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Portland Cacophony has some annual events and one off events.  Below is a list of the events that are annual or happen at least once per year.

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Some Annual Traditions

(BOLD means “official” caco events, italics mean caco-friendly/ collaborators/ events with overlapping members)

Stripper Bingo (Valentine’s Day)

Goodwill Hunting (mid-late February)

Brides of March (March 15 or nearish)

Shamrock Run Beer and Bacon (date of Shamrock Run)

Bad Hare Day (shortly before Easter: is to the Easter Bunny what Santacon is to Santa)

Mondo Croquet (April through end of summer)

Alter Egos Society’s Power Struggle (Spring; create your own superhero/villain)

Shrimp Day (enforcing archaic old Testament rules) May 10

Summer Santacon (usually the Saturday before July 4)

Burning Man (if no longer an official Cacophony event, surely takes up our energy around that time of year.)

Columbus Day we discover stuff! (Second Monday in October)

Black Friday Safari

NOPO AntiCon: protesting Santacon. Note that Bananas counterprotest Anticon (usually first Sat in Dec.)

SANTACON! (usually second Sat. in December)

Floating Events:

Bathrobe Gourmet

Laundrymat Formal

(your event here?)