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Monthly Meeting

Yes, it is true, we still do get together once a month to plan events, drink, plot events, drink, contemplate the demise of our enemies, drink, and blame Duane. Blaming Duane is funny. Also, there is sometimes drinking. By sometimes we mean usually.

How do you know where to go to attend these secret affairs? Well that is easy, they are always held on the LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH like they have been for over a decade.  About approximately 2-3 days before this date our mailing list (and now Facebook Group) will erupt in arguments about where we should have the meeting.  No one will be able to suggest a place better than the place we are currently using, however, there will be much pontificating about that current place. As a general rule,  we’ve met at ROSE AND THISTLE on Broadway. This is a bar, but minors welcome until 10pm. Please note, depending on the meeting, we might say we’re meeting at 6pm to 7pm. 7pm is a good time to be there BY.

Eventually, as with all things Cacophony, it will be decided by rapid fire text messages between members to see which place they are going, and the place with the most people “wins” and is the meeting.   If this sounds like a cluster-fuck then you probably are looking for a different group.