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Every year, there is a huge debate about when Santacon is. Tradition (feel free to click here for epic background score and a thematic tangent) has it that it’s the second Saturday of December, at noon, at Skidmore Fountain.

Of course, this is “THE” Portland Santacon. There is also NoPo Anticon, the Banana-infested Anti-Santacon which we endorse and love. Not to be confused with any of the numerous neighborhood minicons, field trip Santacons, Summer Santacon, Satancon, Santa’s Workshop or generally Xmas themed pub crawls, sanctioned mall Santas, or you dressing at Santa in your living room.


Depends on which event. Check www.pdxsantacon.com for more details. Santa is lazy and wants to only update one website.


Don’t fuck with kids

Don’t fuck with Santa

Don’t fuck with Security (because they will call the police)

Don’t fuck with the Police  (because they will arrest and ticket your ass.  Note- This includes the Sheriff, if we are in Hillsboro)

What do you do?

You are Santa. I am Santa. We are Santa. Sure, you can show up in a Santa suit and drink. But hopefully by the time of the actual event, you’ve plugged into things enough to know what Santa is doing.

There has been a common misconception about the Portland Cacophony Society.

The popularity of the SantaCon, first started (kinda sorta, there were 2 Santa Rampages in San Fran, the term SantaCon actually was coined here)  in Portland in 1996, has grown far beyond the original intention of the event. From this event, we have been portrayed as a group whose sole interest is dressing up in costumes and getting smashed out of our gourd. This is far from the truth.

We only have two events that come anywhere to focusing on drinking in bars. SantaCon and the brIdes of March. The purpose behind both events are the same- to mock a seemingly pristine corporate built image. SantaCon mocks the perception that a holiday icon image devised by Coca Cola is the embodiment of Christmas. The brIdes mocks the misconception built around the patriarchal visual model of the traditional American virgin bride. The idea was to tarnish these images to force people to think of the reality behind them. To do this we mix equal parts public interaction, staged bizarre events, and seedy strip club/bar/nightclubbing.

However, the vast majority of our events are smaller social pranks. The idea is not to be a group of drunken idiots wandering through town, only differentiated by wearing the costume of the day. The idea to is present a bizarre twist to the everyday populous, make them scratch their collective heads and wonder what the hell is going on. It’s easy for a bunch of guys to wear matching outfits, it’s another thing to have a dozen men in full makeup and dresses. (Sidenote, our friends at the Alter Egos Society have a events in which participants create their own superheroes/villains, with unique backstories and costumes. This is a bit different than just buying the pre-made outfit for whatever superhero film francise just hit the megaplex, but I digress…)